Universal QW152 Mobile Radio Antenna

QW152 VHF 0dB Stainless Steel Mobile Antenna
Part Number: ANM0 1516

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  • Frequency Range: 152-162MHz
  • Gain: 0dB
  • Power: 200 Watts
  • Material: Type 302 Stainless Steel
  • Base Style: NMO
  • Mounts: None

Recommended to be used with:

  • Mobile Two-Way Radios
  • Two-Way Radio Base Stations (Connector Needed)
Product Type Antennas (Mobile Radios)
Brand All Brands
Warranty 1 year
Antenna Type 1/4 Wave
Antenna Mount Hole Mount
Antenna Band 152 - 162 MHz
  • Icom A110
  • Icom A220
  • Icom F5021
  • Icom F5021B
  • Icom F6021
  • Icom F6021B
  • RCA BRM1250
  • RCA BRM300D
  • RCA MRM400
  • RCA RPX6500
  • Vertex EVX-5300
  • Vertex EVX-5400