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RCA RDR4380 Professional DMR Digital Handheld Radio

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Compact, versatile and cost-effective, the RDR4380 radio is completely compatible with any other DMR Digital and MOTOTRBO radio on the market. It operates in digital, analog, and multi-site trunking modes, delivering clear and loud communication and it can be used in a wide range of applications. Industries such as K12 Education, Colleges and Universities, Manufacturing, Security, Hotels more. When safety and reliability is critical, the RDR4380 radio is the best choice for your communication needs.

With four different operating modes — Conventional Analog, Conventional Digital DMR T2, Trunked Digital DMR T3, Digital DMR based PRODIGI™ T2+, Trunked Analog MPT 1327 the portable will truly meet even the most demanding communication needs. The RDR4300 Series Portables deliver fast, reliable communication for a safer and more productive work environment.


Designed according to the Digital DMR ETSI Standard TS 102 361-1,-2,-3, the RDR4300 series radios are compatible with all RCA two-way radios as well as all other major brands, including digital equipment, such as Motorola, Hytera and Vertex series digital two-way radios and repeaters.


The RDR4300 series radios are designed and built with the most demanding conditions in mind. Your team needs radios that will not fail them, regardless of the working environment. The newest portables in the RCA PRODIGI™ product line meet Military Specs 810C, D, E, F, and G and are IP67 rated, fully submersible and dustproof units.


The RDR4300 radios comes in 3 different models, the standard RDR4320 unit; the upgraded RDR4350 with large, color display and 11 programmable function keys; the advanced RDR4380 unit with large, color display, full keypad and industry leading 23 programmable function keys. Businesses, Departments and Government Agencies can choose the best model for their needs, taking advantage of advanced features such as Caller ID, Group and Private Call, Radio Check, Radio Monitor, Radio Enable/Disable, Emergency, Man Down, Lone Worker Alerts, Text Messaging, Pre-saved Status Messaging, GPS Tracking and more.


Today’s digital technology allows for the transmitted signal to stay clear from background noise regardless of the distance between two radio units, providing virtually no deterioration of the voice quality, thus providing larger usable coverage in areas where analog communication will be very poor or not possible at all.


The RCA PRODIGI™ RDR4300 radios provide up to 40% improved battery performance in digital mode over analog, allowing for longer operating time on a single battery charge. With a typical duty cycle of 5 (Rx) – 5 (Tx) – 90 (Stand By), the RDR4350 with 2250mAh Lithium Ion battery can provide up to 10 hours of operation in Analog mode and up to 12 hours of operation in Digital mode. For extended operating time a higher capacity 3500mAh battery is also available.


Designed with X-Sound+ HDTM for exceptional voice quality. The RDR4300 series radios provide loud 1 Watt of audio power, eliminating background noise and static even from analog voice transmissions and delivering crystal clear voice message.


Secure communications are essential. The RDR4300 series meet today’s demand for safe and private voice and data transmissions by providing flexibility to it’s users to choose from multiple advanced options. The radios are equipped standard with ARC4 type encryption and available 40-bit, 128-bit or 256-bit AES advanced encryption options.


Location tracking service is available as a built-in functionality. The tracking of your asset’s location enables real-time visibility of field operations, resulting in improved worker safety, increased productivity and shortened incident response time.


The RDR4300 series radios are backed standard by an industry leading, hassle-free Three (3) Year Warranty.

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RCA B4323LI 2250mAh / 16.65 Wh | 7.4V Lithium-Ion Battery
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