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Differences Between Ni-CD, Ni-MH and Li-Ion Batteries

  Ni-CD (Nickel-Cadmium) Ni-MH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion)
Approximate Lifetime up to 4 years up to 2.5 years up to 2 years
Memory effect Yes Much less than Ni-CD No
Capacity Low - Standard Standard - Ultra High Standard - High
Weight Heavy Medium Light
Maintenance Cycle the battery by fully charging it and then use it until it is completely drained as often as possible. Cycle the battery twice a month. No special maintenance needed.
Why you need it
  • Extra Durable for use in harsh conditions (low temperatures, heat etc.)
  • Long lifetime (w/ right maintenance)
  • Durable
  • Very high charge capacity
  • Very light
  • Easy to maintain