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Six Tips to Double the Life of Your Two-Way Radio

Two-way radios are one of the most important pieces of equipment any industry can include in their arsenal of hardware. Whether it’s for the education industry, the construction industry, oil & gas refineries, or large warehouses, professional grade two-way radios continue to be the number one choice for communications throughout blue collar industries.

In fact, two-way radios are even more popular than cell phones when it comes to heavy-duty, hard working industries. Why? Because professional grade two-way radios are more affordable, more reliable, easier to use, and even more durable and long-lasting.

Quality two-way radios are an investment for any business, which is why keeping then running and in tip-top shape for as long as possible should be the goal of every business.

However, even the toughest two-way radios have to be replaced eventually. That’s why Discount Two-Way Radio created this guide. Inside you will find some tips and product recommendations that will help you extend the life of your professional two-way radio.

Inside, you will find some great ways to keep your two-way radio communicating again and again, with minimal downtime or needing to be repaired. Some of the helpful tips include:

  • Choose professional grade radios over consumer radios
  • Know how to properly charge your two-way radio batteries.
  • Make sure you know the best accessories to add to your two-way radios to keep your radio out of trouble.
  • Are extended warranty packages worth the extra cost?