School Emergency Planning Guide

Is your school's emergency plan up to date? Do you have all your safety and liability bases covered?

Two-Way Radio Battery Maintenance Guide

Our handy step-by-step template allows you, the school official, to design the perfect plan for your school in as little as one hour. Don't spend days and weeks reinventing the wheel.

Here's all you can accomplish with this handy template...

  • Select your “Safe School Leadership Team” “First Aid Responders” and “Student Release Team”
  • Set Your Evacuation and Relocation Strategies
  • List Your Fire Drill and Lockdown Strategies
  • Compile Your Comprehensive Key Contacts Form
  • Clearly Outline Your Strategies for Code Yellow, Blue, Green and Red
  • Get Your 5-Step Threat Assessment Procedure in place
  • Fill in Your Threat Assessment Worksheet And much more.

All the forms and strategies in one handy document to protect your students, your staff and your district!

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