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RQX XT 7 Outdoor Heavy Duty Callbox

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Callbox for Outdoor Remote, Fixed Location

The XT Series Callbox provides long range, (miles, not feet), real-time, 2-way communication between students/visitors/customers or employees and your radio equipped personnel. Extend safety and security to even the most remote locations by adding a Callbox to any area where communication is a must, but a portable radio just won't cut it. The XT 7 Series Callbox provides long range 2-way voice communication from a fixed location to portable, mobile, stationary base station radios, or through radio repeaters.

The XT 7 Series Callbox can be DC battery or AC powered, utilizing external power options. It is also able to control gates, doors, and lights with any portable, mobile or base station radios.

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HELP Happens! Enhance Security with Wireless Voice Communications

Whether your business is education, retail, transportation, manufacturing, warehousing or a government facility, the safety and well being of students, visitors, customers and employees is of utmost importance. If you need access control and 2-way voice communication at remote gates or doors ...or communication from a remote area of the plant or parking lot, a simple call for assistance from a Ritron callbox can go a long way in helping to solve a problem more quickly.

The Callbox Solution

A radio callbox allows you to put crisp, clear 2-way wireless voice communication right where you need it, without trenching and without monthly air-time fees. At the push of a button, our callbox provides long-range,(miles, not feet), communication to the radio-equipped personnel in your radio network. With 5 times more range than other wireless systems and PC programmable, the callbox is compatible with virtually any brand of VHF or UHF business band 2-way radio. If extended range is required, it's easy to add an external antenna to the callbox or it can be PC programmed to operate through radio repeaters.

Standard Features and Capabilities

For applications where the VHF frequency band will serve your needs, all VHF models are certified for use on special FCC License-Free MURS Business Frequencies. For simple installation, the callbox is designed to operate on 6 D cell batteries (alkaline), or if the callbox must remain on at all times to receive a call, like an intercom, they can be powered from an optional external power source. For solar power applications, we offer the RSS-100 solar power system. To make mounting the callbox easy, a variety of brackets are available to help installation (see back page).

Added Value Features

In addition to 2-way voice communication, the model 6 and 7 callbox allow you to remotely control a gate or magnetic door lock from your portable 2-way radio, desk-top base station, or mobile radio. The model 7 includes a unique voice storage capability that will play a custom voice greeting on the callbox speaker each time the PTT button is pressed and then send a second and separate custom voice message alert to your radio-equipped personnel.

Callbox Features

  • Simple 2-Way Communications
  • Available in both, VHF and UHF
  • 27 VHF/77 UHF Field Programmable Frequencies
  • Wide or Narrow Band Frequency Compatible
  • Basic and XT feature weather-resistant housings
  • Battery (6 D Cell) and DC Powered
  • Field or PC Programmable
  • Adjustable Power Output (UHF only)
  • Adjustable Speaker Volume
  • Low Battery Alert
  • External Power Fail Alert
  • Call Tone
  • Fiberglass Hi-Visibility Yellow Enclosure
  • Stainless Steel Faceplate
  • Tamper-Resistant Fasteners
  • Internal Antenna
  • Grill Guard to protect vandalism to speaker

Additional Features

  • Built-In Relay for Remote Control Capability
  • Tone Alert with Switch Inputs
  • Programmable Security Code
  • Programmable DTMF ANI
  • Optional MDC-1200 or G-STAR ANI Protocals (Requires RQE-2)
  • Any UHF Analog Radio
  • Any VHF Analog Radio

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RQX-157-XT VHF 150-165 MHz

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