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Sales Team

Sergio Nuno
Sales Manager
800-895-5122 X6221

Sergio is the Sales Manager offering guidance to his team and help to his customers. He has 10 years of experience with Discount Two-Way Radio, and knows every aspect of the company so he can solve any problem that comes his way. He also loves to play golf and occasionally test his skill at Texas Holdem poker.

Ramon Ascencio
Dealer/Distribution Executive
800-895-5122 X6264

Ramon has more than a decade of sales and marketing experience. He takes great pride in his ability to understand all kinds of sales channels, and how to find solutions for independent business owners. Ramon is also a skilled “Gear Head” who can fix just about anything with a motor.

Phil Anderton
Account Sales Executive
800-895-5122 X6249

Phil is a people person who loves solving problems. He handles about 50 phone calls a day, and the majority of these are repeat customers who specifically ask for him. Phil has worked at Discount Two-Way Radios for nearly 10 years, and loves to showcase the company’s commitment to concierge-inspired customer service.

Jerson Orellana
Account Sales Executive
800-895-5122 x6248

Jerson may be the newest member of the Sales Team, but he is not new to Discount Two-Way Radio. He started his career taking incoming service calls and quickly demonstrated he could build trust and rapport with customers. In addition to being passionate about helping clients, Jerson is also a snappy dresser and an avid soccer player

Pictured from left to right: Sergio (seated), Ramon, Phil, and Jerson.

Our Sales Team is truly a powerhouse of intelligence, knowledge, and spunk. Led by Sergio the Sales Manager, each member is not only a solutions specialist, they are also Subject Matter Experts, able to accurately discuss the nuances of just about any industry imaginable while also offering keen insights regarding two-way radio equipment. Whether a foreman of a construction team, the superintendent of a large school district, or a network of independent two-way radio dealers scattered across North America, this team is adored by their clients because they get down to business and deliver results. They’re also telephone dynamos who never let a phonecall roll to voicemail or let a customer sit on hold.