Pryme SM950GPS Speaker Mic

Extra Loud Heavy Duty GPS Speaker Mic for the RCA BR950
Part Number: SM950GPS

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The SM950GPS speaker mic provides more convenience for your two-way radio communication. The SM950GPS speaker mic clips securely to your shirt while your radio stays on your belt. All communication transmits through the speaker mic which allows you communicate without having to stop what youre doing.

The SM950GPS speaker mic features a 3.5mm earphone jack which allows you to connect a standard headphone, and a low-profile design.

GPS Features:

  • Works in both VHF or UHF mode.
  • Operates transparently - radio operators use the GPS Speaker Mic connected to the RCA BR950 radio just as they would any remote microphone.
  • Sensitive GPS receiver and high-gain GPS antenna provide location fixes even in areas with low-signal. GPS location data is typically accurate to within ten meters.
  • Onboard memory in each GPS speaker microphone can store up to 1,300 location reports. That is equivalent to over 100 hours of location history assuming one location report per 5 minute period.
  • Alarm function allows the user to alert dispatchers of incidents with the push of a single button. Once initiated, the GPS speaker mic will send a series of alerts until the alarm is cancelled.
  • Rugged construction for long life under heavy use.
  • Internal lithium ion battery pack provides over ten hours of operation under normal conditions before needing to be recharged.
  • Status LED alerts the user when the battery is low.
  • Loud, front firing speaker allows incoming signals to be heard. An optional external earphone can be used when privacy is required.
  • Base-Enabled feature allows GPS speaker mic to view location reports graphically when connected to a PC running mapping software.

For the following models:

  • BR950
Product Type Speaker Mics
Brand Pryme
Warranty 1 year
Accessory Connector Type X33 Multi Pin Motorola HT750, RCA
Bluetooth No
Earphone Jack 3.5mm
Intrinsically Safe No
Quick Disconnect No
VOX Capable No
  • Motorola MTX150
  • Motorola MTX1500
  • Motorola MTX450
  • Motorola MTX4500
  • Motorola MTX8250
  • Motorola MTX8250-LS
  • Motorola MTX850
  • Motorola MTX850-LS
  • Motorola MTX9250
  • Motorola MTX950
  • Motorola PRO9150
  • Motorola Spirit
  • RCA BR950