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THUN-35R 35 Watt Straight / Ultra High Powered Horn Speaker
Part Number: THUN-35R

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This horn speaker can be used in warehouses, schools, community centers and addressed on publicity service. Straight and ultra high power horns give a highly articulate sound performance in a wide area or at large gatherings of people. Features the thermostable and abrasion-resistant diaphragm by specially coating voice coil and applied it to horn speaker. Mounting bracket included.


  • Input Power (Rated): 35W
  • Input voltage: 100V line
  • Impedance: JE-35R:8
  • Frequency Range: 250Hz~7Khz
  • SPL(1w.1m): 112dB
  • Materials : Aluminum horn/ABS back cover
Product Type Horn Speakers
Brand ThunderPower
Warranty 1 year