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Warranty Status Check

At Discount Two-Way Radio, we are always trying to improve our customer support to ensure you feel like a true VIP. You may use the field below to check the status of you products warranty by entering the products serial number below.

You may find serial numbers on labels of the following products:

Repeaters, Radios, Mobiles, Batteries, and Chargers

  • Repeater label can be found on the back of the repeater.
  • Radios label can be found on the back of the radio after removing the battery.
  • Mobile label can be found under the mobile.
  • Battery label can be found on the front of the battery.
  • Charger label can be found under the charger or behind.

*All serial numbers are found on the product label underneath the barcode.*

Enter Serial Number

The search result will provide you the Model # and Warranty Expiration date associated with the item.

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