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Founded in 1997 by Ben Burns and his father in a small California apartment, Discount Two-Way Radio has grown into one of the most dependable RCA radio suppliers in the nation. With over 62,000 customers served, we strive to provide direct, straightforward customer service that cuts through the hype and smoke that can sometimes surround advancements in technology.

Our company was built on an honest, old-fashioned work ethic that originally consisted of "pounding the pavement" with a reliable product and personable customer care. Now with a dynamic full-time staff and a 60,000 square foot warehouse, we offer customers a wider range of high-quality radio products, expert technical service, and outstanding prices. Consistently named as one of Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies since 2007, our goal is to make the customer’s experience feel more like working with friends and family than with a boring corporation with a glossy, impersonal approach.

Unbeatable Customer Service, Unbeatable Two-Way Radio Products

As an RCA award-winning distributor known for superior technical and sales expertise, Discount Two-Way Radio proudly offers the best lines of durable and reliable RCA radio products and accessories with faster service and better prices than any competitor. We carry the most dependable radios available with long-life batteries and superior volume so you can rest assured you’re receiving the best product possible every time.

Customer Satisfaction

Making the right purchase for your company or organization is critical to improving your workflow, efficiency, safety, and profits. We understand that choosing the right radio for your business can be confusing. That’s why our experienced customer service team is expertly trained in every detail and application of our products so you can rest assured you are getting the best and most efficient product every time. Whether you’re a first-time radio purchaser and don’t know where to start or a seasoned two-way radio pro, we can help you find the radio that fits your needs and get you exactly what you're looking for without the inflated price.

Whether you buy one of our digital two-way radios or a radio accessory, we promise to provide you with affordable communication solutions that perfectly meet your needs. We back each of our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you’ll love your product or your money back. Each of our two-way radio products and accessories includes comprehensive warranties and the promise that your radio will work with your existing system regardless of brand or model.

We stand proudly by our motto: We know radios so you don’t have to.

Our mission

Technology today can feel overwhelming and our goal at Discount Two-Way Radio is to always view our business through the perspective of our customers. We strive to view our business through the eyes of our customers and fulfill their expectations by offering the best-made products and highest quality services in a uniquely fun, passionate, and forward-thinking environment.

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